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To order your website, start by deciding on your desired method for completing our Order Form - online or over the phone.

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The Order Form contains a questionnaire with 16 questions for you to fill out that tell us all about you and your business.

Once we have received your completed Order Form and business logo, your 3-page website will be up and running within 48 hours, guaranteed!

1. Website Construction
Using our exclusive website templates and your Order Form questionnaire answers, your website is built and online within 48 hours!

2. Unlimited Website Updates
Make as many changes and updates to your website's existing pages as you like! We have no limits on the number of edits you make, which are all done by us.

3. Domain Name Registration
We register a domain name for your website as chosen by you. Your domain name is your address on the internet, for example,
4. Website Hosting
We host your website to let the world to see your page! Hosting a website simply means allowing the site to be accessible by visitors on the web.
5. Email Address Setup
We create up to 5 email addresses to go with your new website that each have 400MB of storage. For example,
6. Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
We place no limit on the amount of space your website takes up, and the amount of traffic (bandwidth) your website receives.
7. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We optimise your website to ensure it is picked by search engines such as Google. Allowing potential customers to find you when searching online.
8. Mobile Device Friendly Formatting
Our websites are designed with today's technology in mind, meaning you can view your site on a smartphone or tablet and it will be formatted to suit the device.
9. Website Backups
Your website and account information are backed up nightly in two separate offsite locations for a quick recovery if a disaster occurs.
10. Anti-Virus & Spam Filtering
Using state-of-the-art protection software, we actively monitor and protect you and your website from outside attacks, hackers and spam.
11. Website Statistics Reports
We produce website statistic reports to give you an indication on the amount of traffic your site is receiving. This can be done daily, weekly or monthly.
12. Phone & Email Support
If you have a question, need some advice, or would like some help, you are able to phone or email our support team at any time!

Initial Cost:
Ongoing Cost:
$250 pa
Both of these investments are GST-inclusive and fully tax deductible

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