To help you get a better understanding of our service and how we can help your business, here are our most frequently asked questions:

1. I'm already flat out, why do I need a website?
2. How exactly does your website model work?
3. What if I'm not ready for a website yet?
4. What if I have already purchased a domain or run an existing website?
5. Am I able to change my website once it has been created?

6. How long will it take for changes to made to my website?
7. What if my business doesn't have a logo?

8. Why do you use templates to create the websites?
9. What website templates do you have to choose from?

1. I'm already flat out, why do I need a website?
You won't always be flat out! A website is an integral part of a business marketing strategy. When times get tough, there is a tendency for competitors to "race to the bottom" by dropping prices. A website can be your chance to gain the edge over your competitors, especially on Google, where just about everyone searches for goods and services these days. It's also a great opportunity to share your unique offer with potential customers.

2. How exactly does your website model work?
Here is a quick rundown of how the 48 Hour Websites model works:

1. Complete our online order form which contains a questionnaire used to find out about you and your business.
2. We take your responses to our questionnaire and use this information to construct a 3-page website (Home, About & Contact).
3. Using the website template you select, your 3-page site is built and online within 48 hours, guaranteed!
4. Once your website is up and customers can find you, we will work with you to modify or add any content or pages ($100 per page).

We can also make slight changes to the layout of your selected template (e.g. add a banner across the top, change heading fonts, social media integration).
Check out our Portfolio for examples of the type of customisations we can make!

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3
Click on each template to see a larger preview.